the balmain project

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Having spent some years as a resident of the Balmain peninsula, an inner city suburb of Sydney, Australia, I became engrossed with the people, pets, and plethora of architecture and small businesses that the historical suburb has to offer. While veterans of Balmain may argue it has lost some of its community charm to cosmopolitan demands, I started this project to celebrate the diversity and culture that is the Balmain I have come to know and love. The collection will grow and eventually be made into a coffee table book for local businesses and residents to enjoy. If you'd like to be involved, please get in contact.



I met Jack in a cafe back in 2014 and had the pleasure of enjoying a coffee with him at his favourite table. Born in Balmain, and a gentleman of few words, we sipped our coffees quietly before he allowed me to take his portrait. 

Colgate Palmolive

Colgate Palmolive

A Balmain album wouldn't be complete without the Colgate Palmolive building (and ANZAC bride in the background). An historical gem from 1924, she was built on the old meat works site after WW1, originally operating as a soap factory until its closure in 1993. Today, she stands proud as a cosmopolitan residential hub on the shore of East Balmain, and the envy of many would-be residents. 

Mort Bay

Mort Bay

The colours of the blue water amongst the rich, orange and yellow sandstone, provide a beautiful perimeter for my walk in Mort Bay Park. Always a site to behold, particularly on a sunny day. The oyster shells seem to agree.


In Balmain, a dog is no such thing. Rather, a pampered pooch with access to dog-friendly pubs, cafe culture, and endless walks by the harbour. His smile (and name) says it all. 

Waterview Wharf Workshops.JPG

Waterview Wharf Workshops

Frequenters of Balmain would be familiar with this historic site; a former shipyard constructed in 1880 and now home to a handful of local businesses. Seeing these bright beauties is always a welcomed treat on my ferry ride home. 

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

A view of the finest harbour in the world is especially unique when viewed from Balmain, namely Ballast Point park. I will never tire of this view, watching the Sydney ferries and endless sailing boats drift past, as I sit nestled amongst historic landmarks and quite often with my toes in the water and a cold drink in hand. Bliss.

Mort Bay Park

Mort Bay park

A favourite spot for dogs and people alike, i have many fond memories of walking my dog Cappuccino here. Watching him grow quickly in this playground and witnessing his many dog adventures has provided endless moments of laughter and fun. This water spot is a particular favourite of his, as well as the cause of many un-planned muddy paw prints left during the car ride home.